Fleet Combat

post by Adelia Rininta

Thanks to the 2,000,000+ players who have already loved Flint Fighting and helped us reach No. 1 in some countries! ***

Tired of towering defensive tackles? Are you always bored with their games? Our players want a defensive revolution and the revolution has arrived.

Welcome to Foolish Intelligence and Almighty Heroes and Welcome to Fleet Revolutionary War! As a naval commander, you will use advanced technology ships to defeat your people. Sometimes we chase storms, sometimes we are hurricanes. Fleet combat gives you a much fun gaming experience.

20 exciting battles

3 types of seawater

15 Types of Shipping Equipment

20 types of missiles

25 types of aircraft

25 Types of Game Techniques

And a large number of different naval vessels 5 categories and 30 types

-Beautiful and polite

There is a great world map, an attractive blue sea, a variety of island styles and a variety of beautiful warships. You feel happy!

-Collecting free and flexible weapons-

● 15 types of automatic tools and 70 types of hand tools

Combination Free combination based on different device capabilities and device weight

Configure a protective matrix using tools from different regions

To promote the maximum damage output at once by controlling the cooling time of the weapon

Number of control factors:

It forms 10 enemy warships

In various battles, enemy ships are armed with a variety of weapons

● Some special ships have a total of 25 types

Fighting is a variety of fun battles such as effort and attack, progress, defense, etc.

Large but simple update system:

All battles can be unlocked and updated by accessing EXP in Wars.

Hip can be accessed by many warships using the level at which each battle begins.

-Elective and dynamic original music-

Public Secrets in Public, Greatness on a World Map, Enthusiasm in the Ark, Joy in Wars, Purpose of Critical Wars, Final Sense of Knowledge ... I will get 6 experiences above I will get experiences for you!

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